Travel by Boat

Ocean Cruises, River Cruises or a Personal yacht are wonderful ways to explore the world, but they offer distinct experiences due to their different settings and characteristics. Here is a little info on each:

Ocean Cruises

Ocean cruises typically are on a larger ship. Some are larger than others. Some people say they can be their own floating resort or city. You will find such amenities as many restaurants, bars, pools, kids clubs and theaters. Ocean cruises are known for their wide range of entertainment options, including Broadway – style shows and casinos and even water parks. They cater to a broad audience and offer diverse activities.

Ocean cruise ships focus on coastal and international destinations. They can take you to different continents, countries that have major ports of call. They often provide shore excursions to explore the culture, history and attractions of the destination visited, but the emphasis may be on more popular and well-known tourist spots.

River Cruise

River Cruises takes place on smaller, more intimate ships designed to navigate rivers. These ships typically accommodate fewer passengers, creating a cozier and more personalized atmosphere. They explore inland waterways and river systems, offering access to smaller towns, villages, and regions that are off the beaten path. They allow for a more in-depth exploration of specific areas.

River Cruises excel in providing opportunities for cultural exploration. You can visit local markets, attend local cooking classes and participate in guided small tours that delve deep into history and traditions of the regions visited. You’ll pass through charming villages, rolling vineyards and historic UNESCO world heritage sites, offering a serene and immersive experience.

Personal Yachts

Personal Yacht’s can be found in different destinations. Personal Yachts are equipped with a range of amenities, including state of the art entertainment, gourmet kitchens and well appointed staterooms with ensuite bathrooms. Some even feature onboard pools, spas and fitness centers. They are great for personal getaways, a group retreat or that special occasion.

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